New Shine Production - THE RENOVATORS

A ground breaking new renovation show, from the team that created  Masterchef Australia.

Australia – power tools to the ready – safety glasses on - get ready to renovate!

Network TEN and SHINE Australia join forces to create a groundbreaking renovation show, the scale of which has never been seen before on Australian television.

We have scoured the country to find the very best renovators from all States, from all skill sets and from all age groups, all with a proven record in transforming properties and profiting from them.

Renovations are already well underway on a range of properties in varying degrees of dilapidation, from a fibro cottage to a 60’s suburban to an inner city terrace, each attempting to increase its value which will be determined in a massive finale auction. The task - to transform these nightmares into real estate gold. The winner will be the last remaining contestant responsible for the property that has increased most in value – and the prize is worth rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty for.

In addition to these renovations, the contestants will congregate at the central Renovator’s warehouse – the largest television set in Australia - where they will be presented with regular design, decorating and construction challenges to win valuable assets and advantages for their own renovations.