Emma Duncan crowned Australia's Biggest Loser

For the second consecutive year, a woman takes home the title of The Biggest Loser Australia. Emma Duncan, 25 from Waratah Newcastle, who entered the competition weighing in at 133.9kg with her twin Meg, her sister Sarah Jayne and her brother Jarrod, now stands tall (6ft) and proud at 71.8kg, having lost 62.1kg, 46.38% of her total body weight.

But it’s not all about losing, as Emma wins $100,000 for her immense effort during the course of her weight loss journey. Asked what she plans to do with the money she’s quick to respond that the Duncans came into this competition as a family and she’ll be sharing her winning with her siblings. However, with her share, “My husband and I will put some money away ready for a baby, and with the rest we’re going to go on a holiday. There’s a few places I want to go to before a baby comes - Canada, Alaska and Las Vegas”, but it sounds like the pitter patter of little Duncan feet isn’t too far off.

It’s a great result for first time Biggest Loser trainer Tiffiny Hall who molded the Duncan family into weight loss warriors through her martial arts training. And the proof is in the pudding – well – the low fat yoghurt at any rate!

“Emma has embraced her ninja training and learned that when you train your mind, your mind trains your body. She is a warrior who has worked hard to earn her black belt in health. She is a ninja because she is powerful in mind, body and spirit. Emma won not only as a weightloss warrior - but also as a woman! It is so awesome to see a chick claim the title again! Emma proves to every young girl who is overweight that you can reclaim your youth, your health and your future” dotes Tiffiny.

Another very proud trainer will be Biggest Loser veteran ShannanPonton whose persistence and inspirational leadership has resulted in his team – the Westrens – winning the Biggest Losing Family. They take home a lot less weight but a lot more money. Craig, wife Sharlene, son Leigh and his girlfriend Lara become $100,000 richer having lost a collective 193.4kgs (41.10% of their total body weight), beating their nearest rivals, the Duncans who collectively lost 39.24%.

And the Westrens’ success doesn’t stop there, with Sharlene winning the Biggest Loser outside of the Top 4. Who could possibly have thought that the feisty matriarch, in total denial of her own eating habits and the first to almost walk off the show as early as episode 2, should turn so dramatically into the “happy confident 50 year old lady ready to live her life!” She remembers “looking back at those first episodes and seeing a scared lady, too frightened to see what was underneath the layers of fat.